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Frequently Asked Questions

Trinity Cert TESOL

Trinity Cert TESOL

  • What do the acronyms TESOL and TEFL stand for?

    Essentially they are acronyms referring to the same area of education: TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. 

  • Will the Trinity Cert TESOL help me get a job?

    There is a shortage of qualified EFL teachers abroad, so completion of the course should provide you with excellent employment prospects in the current marketplace. 

  • Do you help trainees to find their first teaching jobs?

    During the course there is input on finding an appropriate first teaching position and subsequent career development. Additionally, tutors offer a free post-course reference service and give general guidance on CV-writing, employment websites and specific jobs.

    Oxford International Teacher Training has built up links to schools and education agencies in different countries around the world. We can currently assist with finding work teaching in China, Japan, Russia, Mexico and Spain. 

  • What other opportunities are available to me after the course? 

    You can actually host and teach students within your home. Home tuition courses fulfill a niche in the English Language Teaching market. The focus is to fully immerse a student in English language and culture so their confidence improves and they start to feel ‘at home’ in English. Immersive tuition attracts highly motivated students who are eager to improve their English rapidly, which makes them a pleasure to teach. Home teaching also offers flexible, fulfilling employment which represents an opportunity to use your teaching skills and earn supplementary income on a self-employed basis. To find out more click the link above. 

  • What is the pass rate on the course? 

    The pass rate on the Trinity Cert TESOL is very high for two reasons. We only admit people who we are confident can cope with the course demands. Additionally the low maximum number of trainees (10) per course means that we can promptly attend to specific problems and provide a high level of personal support. 

  • How should I choose between a full or a part-time course? 

    If you intend to do any form of paid work while studying on the course, you should not enroll on a full-time course. Full-time daily attendance is required and you will also need to do written work each evening. 

  • What are all the other initial TEFL training courses that I see advertised? 

    While courses leading to the award of other qualifications exist, these are often very limited in recognition and are not accredited by an independent examinations board. They are thus essentially only a certificate from the school and have limited worth as an aid in acquiring teaching positions globally. This is what makes the Trinity Cert TESOL (and the Cambridge CELTA for example), particularly valuable. 

  • Are there any entry requirements for the Cert TESOL course? 

    Yes, the entry requirements are exactly the same for the full-time/4-week course and the part-time, 12-14 week, evening course. Please check before making an applying.

  • What do I do next? 

    Make sure you have read the information on this website, then complete and send the application form. We will contact you to arrange a time for you to come in to discuss the course and where it may lead you in more detail. You will also be asked to complete a written task at this stage. For candidates who have trouble attending an interview in person, arrangements can be made to go through this process by phone. Following this, we will make a formal offer of a place on the relevant course. 

  • Can I teach at the Oxford International English schools in Greenwich (London), Brighton or Oxford after completing my Cert TESOL? 

    Early spring and summer are particularly popular seasons of recruitment, but vacancies definitely do arise throughout the year. Oxford International also run a large-scale summer school programme at centres throughout the UK, and we favour recruitment of our own successful trainees for staffing. We now even have schools operating in Toronto, Vancouver and San Diego which may provide another option to consider.

  • I'm applying from overseas - do I need to be in Greenwich or Brighton for my Interview?

    In short - no! We can arrange to interview you by Skype, or on a landline. Just make sure that you give us your Skype ID and/or phone number (with international dialling code). Please double check these details before sending to us! You will need to be beside a computer with an internet connection, in order to complete the interview task.

  • I don't have an EU passport - will I need to get a visa to study with you? Can you offer any advice/assistance?

    You may need a visa in order to study with us. We are not a professional visa advice agency, but we do offer some assistance - this is outlined on our visa advice page (click here).

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  • "Since completing the Cert TESOL course at Oxford International, I have been working hard. I have lots of classes and have actually already seen a return on the price I paid for the TESOL course so I am pretty happy. My students are fantastic which makes it very easy!"
    Alan Cunningham
    TESOL Dec 2016
  • "I had 4 great weeks on the CertTESOL course in London. It balanced learning the technicalities of language, analysing teaching methods and practising them. The tutors gave valuable insight from their own experience and space to create our own teaching style. Importantly, we did this in an atmosphere that was not only relaxed and comfortable, but encouraging and constructive."
    Olly Goodhall
    TESOL Apr 2011
  • "It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I learned more about grammar and phonology in a month than I did in 4 years of university in Australia! The most valuable element was the insight I received in engaging students of all abilities using a variety of strategies - skills I can use for the rest of my career."
    Chris Winters
    TESOL Aug 2011
  • "A valuable and incomparable experience. From day one on, the OIEG tutors and my classmates made me feel way more than comfortable. This warm atmosphere, and the highly professional input sessions and coaching with subsequent practice, enormously enriched my abilities as a future TEFL teacher."
    Andrea Stroebel
    TESOL Aug 2011
  • "The CertTESOL is great in so many ways. The tutors are incredibly supportive, the course is well structured and very thorough, and the centre has a great atmosphere. I was made to feel like I was a part of the school from day one and made friends with new classmates, teachers and students from all over the world."
    Georgina Simmons
    TESOL Oct 2011
  • "This course is rewarding, demanding and valuable. The quality of training was extremely high and it was clear the trainers wanted each trainee to do as well as possible. They were professional and rigorous yet friendly and approachable. I recommend that anybody who plans to work in the industry, seriously considers training here."
    Matt Shrewbridge
    TESOL July 2011
  • "Thanks for all the help you gave us in the last month. I am very happy with the experience - it was really challenging for me, and it was amazing! I would recommend this TEFL course to anyone."
    Angela Tranfa
    TESOL Mar 2012
  • "I really learned so much at Oxford International in Greenwich. The techniques seen, critiques heard and encouragement I received changed me. My lessons are less teacher focused and more student focused, and I realised I had to help my students take ownership of their learning."
    Carolyne Hall
    TESOL Mar 2012
  • "I will take this opportunity to thank you for a fantastic course. I absolutely loved it. When my colleagues are sharing horror stories from their courses, I have nothing to bring to the table! Your course is professional, varied and thorough. You all know what you are doing, but are also very approachable."
    Mark Ellis
    TESOL Feb 2013
  • "A well-designed course, delivered by professionals. From day one, our trainers made us feel enthusiastic and confident, and were willing to help us at every stage. Each day of study brought a wealth of new knowledge and experience to me and my fellow trainees. I recommend this course to anybody with an interest in teaching English as a foreign language."
    Wilson Howley
    TESOL Apr 2013
  • "The CertTESOL course in Brighton was extremely professional and prepared me well for life in the classroom. The expertise of our tutor Matt was inexhaustible and I felt very confident with the level of training I was receiving. Thank you."
    Dotti Calvin
    TESOL Apr 2013
  • "The course was incredibly rewarding, challenging and fun! I had a great experience being taught by the Greenwich tutors, who were all extremely supportive and worked exhaustively to ensure we all did the best we could. The professional & approachable manner within the classroom made me feel like I was part of a team from the start and I learned something new & valuable from 9 to 5 each day. Thanks for a memorable month, it was fantastic!"
    Meghan Gebhardt
    TESOL Aug 2014
  • "I am so pleased I chose to study the Cert TESOL at Oxford International. Our trainers were supportive, motivating and very knowledgeable. Their experience and enthusiasm alongside a well structured course made the whole process an enjoyable challenge. At the start of the course I wondered how on earth I would be prepared to teach by the end of the 13 weeks, but now I feel confident that I can go out into the teaching world and start my career. I would thoroughly recommend the course to others wishing to gain a TEFL qualification."
    TESOL May 2015

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